Calthorp,Barsi, - Light Railway Construction E R Calthorp India - The Vale of Rheidol Railway
The Vale of Rheidol Railway

Calthorp,Barsi, - Light Railway Construction E R Calthorp India

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This facsimile edition of a paper by E. R. Calthrop is published on the Hundredth Anniversary of its first publication in 1897. In it, Calthrop, who was Engineer to the 2ft. 6in. gauge Barsi Light Railway in India, sets out the general principles of narrow gauge construction and operation and makes a cogently argued case for the wider adoption of the 2ft. 6in. gauge, to enable railways to operate efticiently in parts of the world where railways of wider gauge would not be economically viable. Building on his experience on the Barsi Railway, Calthrop went on to create the Leek and Manifold Light Railway, one of the few commercial applications of the 2ft. 6in. gauge in Britain and the only common carrier railway to use transporter wagons. During its relatively short life, the Leek and Manifold was highly successful as a freight haulier and the excellence of its permanent way, locomotives, and carriages set standards equalled by few, if any, other narrow gauge lines. This Paper, published in permanent form for the first time, gives a valuable insight into the theories of its creator, and acts as a valuable addition to the published data on narrow gauge and light railway design and construction.Contents: Acknowledgements Introduction Theory of Narrow Gauge Light Railways Demonstration of the Correctness of the Theory History of the Barsi Light Railway Traffic on the Barsi Light Railway The Barsi Permanent Way The Barsi Rolling Stock - Locomotives The Barsi Rolling Stock - Wagons The Barsi Rolling Stock - Carriages Means for avoiding Transshipment at Junctions Between Broad and Narrow Gauge Railways The Barsi Rolling Stock as Applicable to Military Operations Addendum

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