Liverpool, Blackpool, Farewell to Steam 1968, B & R Volume 30 DVD - The Vale of Rheidol Railway
The Vale of Rheidol Railway

Liverpool, Blackpool, Farewell to Steam 1968, B & R Volume 30 DVD

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Cine film of the steam railway was well into its stride by 1968 when hundreds of photographers were recording the dying days of steam traction on British Railways. We are fortunate in that we have access to thousands of feet of film taken of these events and needed only to use the best from cameramen who had already been filming for years and had therefore got the “hang” of it by 1968, thereby producing some excellent footage. This is a definitive look at the happenings and events of these last seven months from January 1st. with all remaining steam sheds visited at least once surrounded by normal steam workings of the time as they come to an end, culminating in the 4th and 11th of August specials. Highlights of the last workings are Chequerbent and Padiham branch freights, Windermere branch, the last steam workings to Liverpool and Blackpool, the last steam derailment (48666 at Rose Grove!), the last Copy Pit banker disposed and all the notable specials of the year. All in all a balanced look at the last days of steam in glorious colour and sound. 60 minutes.

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