Welsh for Visitors - A Little Goes a Long Way - The Vale of Rheidol Railway
The Vale of Rheidol Railway

Welsh for Visitors - A Little Goes a Long Way

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Visiting Wales? Using Welsh gets you a warmer welcome! As well as its social and communicational value, Welsh is also a key to a treasury of history and heritage, legends and anecdotes. By getting accustomed to just a few words, you will enhance your experiences during your visit to Wales. A full, colour illustrated volume.

A recent survey revealed that 65% of the people of Wales know some Welsh. By putting this useful phrasebook to practice, you could add your name to that list during your visit – and make many friends at the same time. You will find that these basic Welsh words and phrases will help you when you come to visit us. We encourage you to use them!
Welsh is a Celtic languages, with strong links with the native languages of Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Galicia and Brittany. Since the Bronze Age, there have been strong cultural links between Wales and the European Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean. Similar to Spanish, Basque and Italian, Welsh is a phonetic language – which makes pronouncing very simple! A letter-by-letter pronouncing guide is included.
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